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Christen + Chase


Christen + Chase

What a beautiful day these two had! In the midst of an incredibly wet and dreary fall season, Christen & Chase’s day landed on a gorgeous, partly sunny, 50-degree day where all the trees’ leaves were rich fall hues and perfect for photos. But among the most beautiful of colors: Christen’s bouquet that was so beautiful, she even teared up at first sight of it!

Christen opted not only for a First Look with Chase, but we worked one out with her Dad, Ken, as well! He then assisted her to her First Look with her groom. The beauty of Christen & Chase’s first look was the perfection that is having a second shooter. You’ll see an angle from Sarah, my assistant for the day, and Christen is in the background and then you’ll see Christen from my angle. It’s such a joy to give my clients so many images from all spots of an event so they don’t miss a moment! What was even sweeter though? Christen & Chase both teared up and wiped their eyes at the same time! Take a look:

We moved into portraits of just the two of them while the bridal party gathered and the trees and weather continued to be wonderful for us:

From the moment I met Chase’s sister and her darling twins, I knew there was a special story there. Chase’s sister had some severe health issues this past spring and we are lucky to have her still with us. Today was a true celebration for Christen & Chase, yes, for the start of their lives together, but also that their family remained together too. And are their Ring Bearer and Flower Girl not the cutest!?! (Also, their dog, Axel, joined the party too! Complete with bow tie-collar!)

Their ceremony had so many special moments tied in to express exactly who they are. Christen had both of her parents give her away while she wore her mother’s veil and they had all four of their parents surround them for the opening prayer to their ceremony. So sweet!!

After their ceremony, we jetted downtown to capture some Party Bus photos of their wedding party with their significant others. We started at the Women of Achievement Bridge (which Christen really appreciated) and then hit the open commons area by the Civic Center.

Their reception was probably the best dancing photos I’ve captured in quite some time. During Christen & Chase’s first dance, Chase’s nephew wanted in on the fun. So the three of them had a lovely dance together. :) Their friends are awesome dancers and the floor was never void of fun, laughter and smooth moves!

We grabbed some sunset photos at the perfect time. As we were wrapping up our five minute jaunt outside, we watched the sun settle behind a set of clouds and the glow was gone. It couldn’t have been timed more perfectly. Their time at Country Lane Lodge (from getting ready to Reception) was breathtakingly beautiful and I’m so proud of what we were able to capture for them, the venue and the vendors that worked their big day!

Christen & Chase (& family): I am so thankful to have met you all and thank you for welcoming me into your families for this special day! I SO appreciate your trust in my skill set and abilities and I hope these photo meet and exceed your expectations! I wish you nothing but the best that Life has to offer and I love how Ken worded it in his toast to you both: Let’s live and love others so that we make Heaven more crowded.

Blessings to you both and your families! You are amazing people!

PS You can view their wedding gallery HERE.

Vendors of Note:
Wedding Coordinator: Mostly Becky

Ceremony Venue: Lutheran Church of Hope, West Des Moines

Getting Ready & Reception Venue: Country Lane Lodge

Florals: The English Rose

DJ: A Special Event DJ

Party Bus: Wedding Lux Limo

Rentals: Elegant Affairs

Cupcakes: Scratch Cupcakery, West Des Moines

Shuttle Service to and from Hotel & Reception: Majestic Shuttle Service

Photography: Carrie Krupke Photography, LLC


Jen + Jacob : Married


Jen + Jacob : Married

I still can't believe this day happened! Jen and Jacob's engagement session was an adventurous one and I didn't realize this until I was driving home after the reception, but they were in a river bed for their engagement photos AND their wedding photos! :) I'm so thankful for their trust and willing spirits! The night before their wedding day, the wind howled outside with hail/rain/sleet. I fell asleep so worried about giving them outdoor photos but God had us covered! There was a break in the precipitation right when we needed it for their First Look and bridal party photos and we could handle the mist that fell during their "sunset portraits". You wouldn't know that it was in the 30's and windy-Jen, Jacob and their crew of closest friends were such great sports and they ran the whole day on time like clock work. 

I have the best brides ever, guys. They're just amazing. Check out Jen & Jacob's day!

It struck me as Jen was getting ready that she had a different person help her with each step of the way. Her step-Mom and mother-in-law helped with her dress buttons, her matrons of honor helped with her jewelry, her step-mom with her earrings. Jen was very intentional about having a moment with each of the special ladies in her life and requested an image with quite possibly the most important lady in her life who is no longer physically with us: her mom. Jen has a framed portrait of her mom on her wedding day and wanted a picture of her holding the frame. It reinforced to me the importance of what we do as photographers-what a legacy and memory to hold on to on such a pivotal day of Jen's life. 

It pays to scout out a location before you start shooting with anybody. We were originally slated to do their First Look at Waterworks Park, but as I drove by it, with the extended winter we've been having, not a single tree was in bloom yet. So, I scouted out our spot for the portraits we wanted to do prior to the reception. Bingo! We could make it work and it was closer to our ceremony venue anyway. Win-win!

Jen & Jacob have some very close friends in their lives who have adorable children that could serve as ring bearers (or rather, sign-bearers) and flower girls. These munchkins did so well! Additionally, Jen & Jacob used the Bible verse about it being difficult to break a rope of three cords and braided a rope in the shape of a cross in lieu of their unity candle. After their ceremony was complete and they were officially hitched, we headed right back to Colby Park and despite the mist that was coming down pretty heavily, we nailed some great portraits in less than 5 minutes that don't portray any of that precipitation! I'm so pleased with how well that spot worked in our favor! 

On to the reception! A little backstory from a business perspective: I have been longing for a light set up that was easy to carry in and out of the venue, easy to manipulate from my camera and get great shots in low light receptions. Finally, FINALLY(!) Sarah and I figured it out in the week leading up to Jen's wedding and I couldn't be more proud of our results from this evening! (And I had to include a photo of Jen's Dad and step-Mom dancing, aren't they a hoot?!)

Jen + Jacob: Thank you so much for having me (& Sarah) out to document your beautiful day! You wouldn't know it by your images that it was drizzly, cold and damp. The love you share gave me warm fuzzies while we were dodging the misty raindrops. I love how you did different things to honor your mom, Jen, and that even after photographing 45+ weddings, there are still different ways to tie the knot-all uniquely your own. 

Blessings as you start your lives together, 


PS You can view more of their day HERE and their wedding video slideshow HERE


2017 Favorites

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2017 Favorites

What a year! We pushed the limits of light: in-house light, bright light without shade, ice hockey rink light, auditorium and jazz club light with off-camera flash, bouncing light off reflectors, the list goes on and on... We challenged locations too: bedrooms, living rooms, studios, jazz clubs, inside the capitol, in water, in a RIVER. We celebrated new jobs, new babies, new homes, answers to health issues and healthy marriages. 

These sessions represent victories in getting a stubborn child to smile (finally!), a child relaxing on her Mama's shoulder for comfort after a tough day, scheduling snafus, forgetting of camera gear to a session (that was me! ugh), getting off-camera flash to work, getting huge props borrowed and lined up for a session, getting a newborn to lay "just so" for the right shot, working the sunlight so that it was "just right". Challenges answered by victories that made me a better photographer, businesswoman and person. 

I truly have the best clients on earth and I'm so thankful for the year that 2017 was for my business! This one's for you!!

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Melissa + Ryan


Melissa + Ryan

I remember the first family session he joined us. Ryan's job was to help corral Amelia who loved to run at the time and he voluntarily carried my bag for me if we moved spots. The way he worked with Jax and Amelia at that session in 2015 showed me he was a keep and Mel had found a good one. Fast forward to 2016, I was 8 months pregnant with Lochlyn and again, Ryan helped corral kids but their demeanor with him had shifted to one of ease, love and comfortability. I knew some good things were on the horizon for Melissa and thankfully, they became engaged in 2017, planning a New Year's Eve wedding! 

I am beyond grateful for them both welcoming me into their special day, braving the frigid temps for the best shots ever and just how they treat me like family every time I see them. I've watched Jax grow from a 2 year old to a little man now at the ripe old age of 7 and I've photographed Amelia since she was a newborn. What a joy to capture these sweet interactions with them and their Mama on her wedding day. 

Welcome to the family, Ryan! 

I'm so thankful that Mel & Ryan trust me and my second shooter, Sarah, so implicitly. We knew we'd get the best shots outside as the sun was softening in the sky, the only drawback? It was -10, not counting windchill! Quite literally, the coldest day of 2017! Melissa had a fur wrap and blanket, we mapped out what we'd do first, middle and last and made a run for it. We grabbed this in the span of 5 minutes! Just enough time to no longer feel my trigger finger that had gloves on! 

Amelia stole the show during the ceremony! As I've watched her adjust to having Ryan in their lives, it warmed my heart to see her grab both of their hands and clutch them closely as a sort of security blanket. What a perfect picture of them all becoming a complete family!

There were such special moments during their dances that I had to make it a separate "chunk" of this post. After Mel & Ryan had their first dance, they did their parent dances jointly and then brought Amelia and Jaxon onto the dance floor with their additional grandparents. The moments with Amelia and Jaxon dancing together was incredibly sweet and I love the moments we captured between Jax and Melissa. Maybe it's because I have a son now that I know these images will be SO important to his wedding some day....

Melissa & Ryan: I can't describe how special your day was to me. I'm so thankful for playing a part in it and getting to document the incredibly poignant moments between you, Amelia and Jaxon. I know you enjoyed your honeymoon thoroughly-welcome back to the cold Iowa winter!! Hopefully, these images have warmed your hearts even if your toes are chilly! 

Blessings on everything, 


PS You can view their wedding day slideshow HERE. You can view the entire day HERE. 

Vendors of Note: 

Tuxes: Men's Warehouse of Ankeny

Hair: Pure Salon

Cake & Floral: Hy-Vee of Ankeny

Wedding Dress: Stacey's in Urbandale

Shoes: Bagdley Mishka

Catering: The Radish in Grimes, IA

Ceremony & Reception Venue: Stoney Creek Inn, Johnston IA



Behind The Scenes : 2017


Behind The Scenes : 2017

What a year it's been for Carrie Krupke Photography, LLC!! I didn't think it was possible to be more sure of the fact that I have the best clients in the world-but this year surpassed yet again! While I didn't have as many weddings this year where a second shooter was secretly getting photos of me at work, I do have a TON of "funnies" on our family sessions that make up for the gap. :) 

I want to start with the Dads of my families. They do a fantastic job helping me, wrangling (bribing) kids and sometimes getting beat on (or getting a workout) in the process. Take a look: 

Not to be outdone, Mamas had their fair share of windy hair days, bribery moments, but always in good fun. And they were 100% ALL IN to make their photos what they wanted, willing to do whatever I asked to make the magic happen. That sometimes meant slobbery kisses, or just getting slobbered on in general, last minute hair touch ups, adjusting clothing and poses and ample silly faces: 

From there, kids had their fair share of silly, flying, sad moments....

And yes, other photographers and their clients got this close to us (on, thankfully, just one occasion):

Cornell POST-20.jpg

And just like Maisie, I thought, "Give the girl her space!"

Choquette POST-24.jpg

We were able to catch some mid sneezes!

Next up: The newborns and maternity sessions. We beat back the bugs, had silly fun and it seemed that on several of the sessions, Mamas would capture me working with their babies on their phones. Thank you for grabbing these moments for me ladies!!

Last up: Wedding day moments! 

Lastly, we always have fun testing our light set up for family photos! 

Ok Ok, here's the real end and wrap up to this post. Fun story: I shot a wedding for my cousin, Ali in 2015 and asked Colby to second shoot with me since both Ali was UNI alum and Colby was UNI's mascot at one point in his collegiate career. At her wedding, Colby leaned over to me and whispered, "Who is that beautiful girl?" He was noticing Ali's little sister, Jenny. I advised him to be good (as if he has another possibility in his personality). Long story short, Colby popped the question to my sweet cousin Jenny just a few days ago and I couldn't be more excited!! This photo is a perfect send-off to 2017 as Colby was a second shooter for me again this year and deployed his drone for a great farewell shot: 


I could not do what I do without incredible clients, outstanding second shooters (Colby & Sarah!) and a supportive husband who lets me do this crazy business that has been such a wild ride this year. 

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for a wonderful 2017!